Landfill Gas

Landfill gas is generated when refuse in landfills decomposes. The gas is composed of approximately 55% methane with the remaining constituents consisting primarily of carbon dioxide along with trace amounts of other organic gases. The construction of LFG collection systems normally begins with the drilling and installation of wells, followed by the installation of pipelines, and the construction of gas compressor stations, flaring stations, and scrubbing and treatment stations. Collection systems for landfill gas are designed to prevent the migration of methane and other gases into the atmosphere and into adjacent structures or properties where they represent risks of explosion, fire, and/or health hazards. LFG recovered from landfills is either flared or developed as an alternative energy source.

The construction activities that Landmarc Environmental Systems LLC. (Landmarc) engages in while installing LFG recovery systems are:

Landfill Gas Extraction Well Drilling

Landmarc’s Landfill Gas Drilling Division crews continue to set the industry standard for drilling and installation of LFG/leachate collection wells. Landmarc is fully equipped to complete landfill gas/leachate drilling projects in difficult environments including side slope well completion with minimal damages. Landmarc crews drilled in excess of 10,000 linear feet in 2009.

Services include:

  • Drilling and installation of landfill gas and leachate collection wells
  • 18" to 36" diameter bore holes
  • Well depths greater than 150'
  • Challenging conditions or specialty wells with high levels of leachate/liquids handled safely and effectively
  • Landfill gas well rehabilitation, including down-hole camera analysis


Landfill Gas Collection System Construction

Landmarc's idea is to employ some of the most experienced superintendants and field crews in the Landfill Gas Industry. With over 100 years of combined experience in landfill gas and leachate control systems construction, Landmarc crews have installed over 150 miles of HDPE and PVC pipe since 2005.

Services include:

  • Design support and constructability review
  • Landfill gas and leachate collection system installation
  • LFG flare installation
  • LFG compression and transmission system installation
  • LFG well drilling and installation
  • Leachate pump and control system installation
  • System start-up and well field balancing