Landmarc Environmental Systems, LLC is one of the nation’s leading landfill and leachate systems companies, providing landfill drilling, construction, and O&M services promoting a safe, reliable site performance. With expert technicians and nationwide resources, Landmarc supports our clients’ facility needs at every step.

Our Services

From construction plans to ongoing maintenance, Landmarc is committed to safety while providing clients with environmentally sound solutions focused on landfill efficiency and compliance.

Landfill Gas Drilling

We have drilled some of the deepest landfill wells in the industry and have multiple rigs located across the country.

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Landfill Gas Piping

Our pipeline crews offer turnkey services for construction and installation of landfill gas and leachate extraction systems.

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Leachate Systems

We provide full turnkey electrical and mechanical installation of leachate collection systems including pumps, control panels, level sensors, and flowmeters.

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We apply a versatile coating material as a containment measure around a penetration for surface protection against gases and odors.

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Operations & Maintenance

Our services don’t end at construction. Work with our experts to receive ongoing compliance monitoring, control system assessments, post closure services for closed sites, and more.

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Focused on Safety

Every Landmarc technician completes multiple training sessions a year to increase industry knowledge, prevent accidents, and promote on-site safety for all.

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Workers and Scenary

About Us

Through a bold vision, relentless innovation, and an unwavering entrepreneurial drive, Landmarc provides the landfill industry with an elite set of fundamental services.

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Join our team to work amongst environmental professionals at the top of our field, gaining the skills and expertise for exciting career growth and advancement.

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Your Partner in Landfill Maintenance

Let Landmarc assist with your biggest landfill construction and management projects.

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