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Landmarc Leachate Collection Systems

Leachate collection systems consist of a series of perforated pipes, with the primary purpose of leading the leachate to sumps so it can be extracted from solid waste landfills. This prevents accumulation of the leachate on the liner system, thus minimizing leachate migration to the environment. Once the liquid is gathered at the sumps, the liquid is either pumped or drained. Depending on the quality of the leachate, the leachate is then either released to an on-site treatment facility or hauled to off-site treatment facilities.

From multi-million-gallon storage systems to smaller specialty tanks, Landmarc has extensive experience designing and constructing fully customized turnkey leachate systems, including the installation of risers, piping, pumps, and electrical across the United States, as well as submersible and dual extraction pump systems. We have the industry know-how to plan, address, and improve your current leachate system to meet the specific needs of your landfill site. We also offer specific on-site and off-site processing, storage, load-out, and treatment strategies.

Workers and Scenary

Landmarc’s leachate services include:

  • Hydrological Evaluation of Landfill Performance (HELP) modeling
  • Leachate collection system design
  • Pump, force main, and sewer design
  • Leachate storage system design
  • Leachate re-circulation system design
  • Construction plans and specifications
  • Troubleshooting existing systems
  • Remediation of leachate seeps and outbreaks
  • Design and supply of pumps and SCADA systems
  • CQA Services during leachate system installation
  • Construction of leachate removal and storage systems

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