Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Landmarc’s highly trained and experienced O&M Group is focused on the successful operation of landfill environmental controls. As a result, our clients benefit from the value-added approach inherent in a comprehensive bundled group of services. We provide operations, monitoring, and maintenance services throughout a landfill’s entire lifecycle and beyond. With our extensive knowledge in all aspects of landfill operations, we are a trusted partner to clients nationwide. From routine maintenance to major construction, you can count on us to keep your operations functioning safely and efficiently while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Landfill Gas Collection, Control System Assessments, and Troubleshooting

We are experts at not only installing landfill collection and leachate systems but assessing and troubleshooting the systems as well. Landmarc will ensure that your systems are running effectively and efficiently through evaluations and data monitoring, providing recommendations as needed. We can help with:

  • Collection system efficiency and system limitations
  • Blower and flare station evaluations
  • Compliance audits
  • Condensate and leachate management systems
  • Data management and reporting
  • Software specifically designed for compliance and production tracking
  • Remote data acquisition and notification of out-of-range conditions
  • Data analysis and interpretation

Routine and Emergency Maintenance Services

Landfill gas and leachate systems are complex with a lot of mechanical components. To keep your systems up and running and avoid unscheduled downtime, it is crucial to perform operations and maintenance services on a routine basis, even on the most well-designed systems. You can also count on Landmarc in emergencies, where we will act in a timely fashion to minimize downtime. We are your go-to team for:

  • Emergency response to collection and control system failures
  • Repairs to collection system components
  • Modifications and expansions to existing LFG and leachate/condensate collection systems
  • Condensate/leachate pump service
Workers and Scenary
Compliance Monitoring Services

Remaining in compliance with ever-changing regulation requirements is the goal of every landfill owner or operator. Landmarc will monitor all aspects of your operation to maintain total compliance with:

  • Monthly LFG wellhead monitoring
  • Quarterly surface emission monitoring
  • Blower and flare station monitoring
Post Closure Services for Closed Sites

Closed landfill sites require maintenance and monitoring of liners, final covers, leachate systems, landfill gas collection systems, and more for a specific period (usually 30 years) based on the local permitting authorities. Continued maintenance and monitoring safeguards the surrounding environment and protects from any possible hazardous contaminants. We can cover:

  • Site security and inspections
  • Landfill gas and leachate collection system O&M
  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Final cover maintenance
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring
  • Site maintenance
  • Condensate services

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