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Landmarc has installed numerous leachate storage tanks including turnkey installation of risers, piping, pumps and controls across the United States, as well as submersible and dual extraction pump systems. This extensive professional experience affords our nationwide company the ability to provide the highest quality leachate system services to our clients across.

Leachate collection systems are designed to extract leachate from solid waste landfills. This prevents the accumulation of leachate on the liner system, thus minimizing leachate migration into the environment.

What is Leachate?

Leachate is liquid compiled of rainfall and the decomposition of waste that is filtered through the landfill to a leachate pipe collection system. The leachate collection system is comprised of a series of perforated pipes, with the primary purpose to lead the leachate to sumps so it can be extracted from the landfill. Once this liquid is gathered at the sumps, the liquid is either pumped or drained. Depending on the quality of the leachate, the leachate is either released to an on-site treatment facility or hauled to off-site treatment facilities.



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