Using Only the Highest Quality Landfill Products Available

Landmarc Environmental Systems, LLC takes pride in our ability to complete a project to the highest of standards and using top-of-the-line products and equipment


Landmarc Environmental Systems, LLC is a preferred supplier of Sligo System submersible pumps to ensure that your landfill runs smoothly and efficiently. These pumps provide benefits such as:

  • Run Dry Without Damage
  • Handle Solids Without Damage
  • Install Simply With No Moving Parts
  • Reusable Motor Leads That Keep Moisture Out
  • Easily Accessible Level Sensors

These pumps provide the highest efficiency and maximum results for your operation.


Landmarc Environmental Systems, LLC also offers easy to use control panels for your landfill system. In addition, these control panels can be easily customized to meet the distinct needs of your operation. Your system controls will:

  • Protect Your System
  • Be Flexible and Expandable to Meet Your Needs
  • Have SCADA Capability
  • Meet Rigorous Industry Guidelines

SCADA Systems

The SCADA systems offered by Landmarc Environmental Systems, LLC provide you with the ability to monitor and control your landfill system and operation from anywhere in the world. These easy to install systems provide controllers with efficient system communication, simple operation and extensive benefits such as saving time and money.

Web Based



System Design

Landmarc can design your system to fit your needs. Flow calculation software is used to properly size lines to meet site conditions. If one of our preferred pumps doesn't meet your requirements, Landmarc works with all of the leading pump companies to meet your needs.


Landmarc Environmental Systems, LLC provides a wide variety of sensors designed to meet the demands and specific environmental requirements of your landfill leachates and gas condensate systems. These sensors can be programmed to accommodate your systems, and provide a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Provide quality information for decision making
  • Long-term reliability and stability
  • Improve the overall operation of your systems

Our sensors include submersible level sensors, flow meters and pressure sensors.

Breakout Boxes

Throughout your system, safety is the number one priority. A breakout box from Landmarc Environmental Systems, LLC provides a stop to prevent any dangerous/explosive and corrosive gases from entering control panels. These control boxes meet NEMA 4X standards and are made out of stainless steel.

Quick Disconnects

Quick disconnects allow the pump discharge line to exit through the side of the riser pipe, which in turn allows the riser end cap to be removed easily. The top technology used in these disconnects allows your staff to make or break the fitting without any exposure to the hazardous sump atmosphere.

To learn more about the products available from Landmarc Environmental, LLC, please contact us today.