An Economical Landfill Gas & Odor Solution

Landmarc Environmental Systems understands the many challenges landfill owners and operators face while managing landfill gas wellfield operations. Maintaining compliance with ever-changing surface emission regulations and controlling odors are amongst the most challenging. To combat these challenges, Landmarc offers VersaFlex, a protective sealant coating that is a cost-effective solution to resolving surface emissions exceedances on a variety of wellhead sizes and configurations.

Workers and Scenary

VersaFlex is a flexible yet durable polyurea material sprayed onto the wellhead and its surrounding surface to form a protective membrane for the environment. This prevents gases and odor from escaping into the atmosphere. We take into account the unique characteristics of each landfill to apply the appropriate type of sealant that will withstand environmental conditions. Landmarc ensures quality of application for effective and long-lasting protection.

There are many benefits of using VersaFlex on your landfill wellheads, including the following:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Prevents surface emissions and odors
  • Easy to apply
  • Sets and cures quickly
  • Flexible to accommodate substrate movement
  • Resilient and remains intact under most conditions
  • Odorless
  • Environmentally sustainable

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